A Holiday with the Headmaster ToC

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A Holiday with the Headmaster

A Minerva McGonagall/Albus Dumbledore romance set during a summer holiday.
Rated MA. A lemon in each chapter.
There is a T-rated version, called A Little Holiday, available on fanfiction.net. The lemons have been eliminated and chapters combined, but it still is a fun, fluffy romance.
Genres: Drama, Erotica, Humor, Romance
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall

Chapter One

After much debate about their destination, Albus and Minerva take a holiday before the onset of the school year. Set in late August 1957.

Chapter Two

Albus and Minerva arrive, and Albus begins to show her the cottage and the island.

Chapter Three

Their first afternoon on the island is quiet, relaxed, and romantic.

Chapter Four

Albus brings Minerva to look for an unusual phenomenon, then they have more fun.

Chapter Five

Albus makes waves! Later, Minerva tries to share.

Chapter Six

Albus and Minerva make some compromises their first night together. The next day, they walk around the perimeter of the island, picnic, and then celebrate the accomplishment.

Chapter Seven

Minerva gets a cold shock, but Albus warms her up. They have an unexpected audience on the beach, then they spend a lovely romantic evening at the end of a lovely day.

Chapter Eight

Minerva and Albus spend a cozy, quiet morning in the cottage as it rains outside. Minerva and Albus bet on the outcome of a game.

Chapter Nine

Minerva collects on their wager, and they look for Innis Ablach on their last evening on the island.

Chapter Ten

Albus and Minerva enjoy their last evening on the island, and the next morning, Albus practises the art of gentle persuasion.

Chapter Eleven

Minerva and Albus begin their last morning on the island.

Chapter Twelve

Minerva has a bit of an adventure; Albus adds Minerva to the island’s wards before they leave.

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