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June Drabble #2: “Meeting Mr Figg,” an Arabella Figg Drabble

Digestive BiscuitsOne hundred words for Arabella as she joins the Order of the Phoenix.

“Meeting Mr Figg”

Barclay left Mike Figg and Arabella in the Diggle’s garden.

Mike smiled. “Barclay’s talked a lot about you.”

“You played Quidditch together?”

Mike nodded. “Your brother’s good. Too bad he turned down the Falcons to work for the MLE.” Continue reading

June Drabble #1: “Apart,” an Arabella Figg Drabble

DigestivesSm1The first drabble of June continues with Arabella Figg. This one is a triple drabble set about five and a half years after the previous one.


by MMADfan

Arabella hung her coat on a hook, set her satchel at the foot of the stairs, then followed the squawking cat back to the kitchen to feed her. Continue reading

May Drabble #16: “The Pencil Box,” an Arabella Figg Drabble

Digestive BiscuitsThe last drabbles of May will peek in on Arabella Figg. Here’s the first hundred words for Arabella.

“The Pencil Box”

by MMADfan

Arabella folded the last shirt, laying it neatly in her brother’s trunk.

“I’m going to miss you,” Barclay said, voice catching. “I wish you could come, too.” Continue reading