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August Drabble #2: “A Gift” — A Rubeus Hagrid Drabble

This one is a triple drabble for Hagrid. It takes place the evening of the same day as the previous drabble.

Characters: Rubeus Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore

“A Gift”

by MMADfan

Hagrid washed the four mugs in the basin Minerva had given him, setting them to dry on his makeshift counter. It wasn’t yet dark, but he thought he’d draw his new gingham curtains and go to bed. Continue reading

May Drabble #5: “Leaving Hogwarts … Again”

Full moonHere is the final drabble for Remus Lupin. Here, he’s joined by Albus Dumbledore. Takes place the seventh of June 1994.

If you enjoy these and you subscribe to rss feeds, I’ve created a feed just for drabble series posted to the blog.

“Leaving Hogwarts … Again”

by MMADfan

“We both knew something would happen, Professor.” Remus smiled wanly. “I lasted the year, and I’m not dead. And things could have gone much worse last night.” Continue reading

Resolving a Misunderstanding now available in mobi format

If you enjoy rereading Resolving a Misunderstanding, or would like to read it for the first time but without being tethered to the internet and a fic archive, it is now available in (unencrypted) mobi format on Our Mirror of Erised.

ADMM in Resolving a Misunderstanding - links to folder location for RaM download

If you are already a member of Our Mirror of Erised, click here to go directly to the folder containing the file.

ETA: There are now many of my fics available in mobi/Kindle format, downloadable both from OMoE and from the Box cloud. To pick a fic and download it from Box, check out this list on my LJ. Edited 19 March 2013. Continue reading

dumbledore | dumble-dore, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

This was today’s entry in my subscription to the OED’s Word of the Day:

dumbledore | dumble-dore, n. : Oxford English Dictionary.

Made me smile! The OED defines “dumbledore” as a “humble-bee” or “bumble-bee.”

Albus DumbledoreFor those of you who have read Resolving a Misunderstanding, you may remember that Albus’s pen name was Apiarus B. White.

Top Ten Fic Clicks

Top Ten Click-Throughs

Here are the fics that were clicked through most over the last quarter. Continue reading