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“Read a Little Fanfic” updated with more fics

I’ve posted a few more fics to my fanfic page here on my blog, including most recently, “Falling for Pomona” and its companion, “Impressing Filius.”

“It’s not the heat” added to fanfic section

A Cheering Charm

I’ve added “It’s not the heat . . .” to the “Cheering Charms” here in the “Read Fanfic” section of the blog.

Summary: Filius and Pomona are on holiday. Filius is suffering and develops a longing. Will Pomona help?

Rated a mild T. A Filius Flitwick Flashfic.

New “Cheering Charm” posted: “It’s not the heat . . .”

I posted a new installment to the “Cheering Charms” series, “It’s not the heat …”

“It’s not the heat . . .”
Filius has a longing . . .
Inspired by FFPS Flashfic Challenge #17 on the CR board  — and by the current heatwave where I live. 😉
Rating T.
Genres: Humor, Romance, AU
Characters: Filius Flitwick, Pomona Sprout

It’s also posted to the Charming Roots board as a stand-alone one-shot under the “Fluff” category.

“Read Some Fanfic Now” updated with more fics

I added a few more fics to the “Read Some Fanfic Now” page. I also reorganized the links a bit.

Check out the short stories and flashfics available here on my blog. There’s a wide range of characters in a variety of stories.