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August Drabble #3: “Leaving Feast” — a Rubeus Hagrid drabble

This is a double drabble of 200 words, the fourth in the series of Hagrid drabbles.

Characters: Rubeus Hagrid, Ogg

“Leaving Feast”

by MMADfan

Hagrid spread grease on the axle, then lifted the corner of the carriage with one hand as he spun the wheel with the other. Continue reading

“A Squib’s Place: An Arabella Figg Fic” posted to AO3

“A Squib’s Place,” the collection of Arabella Figg drabbles first posted here individually, is now up on An Archive of Our Own. It will be posted to TPP soon, as well.

May Drabble #15: “An Heir to Burden,” an Aberforth Dumbledore Drabble

Angora Goat AvatarAberforth’s final drabble is two hundred words. Here he is with his brother again, this time in early 1997.

“An Heir to Burden”

by MMADfan

“Wha’s the occasion, Albus?”

“At our age, does there need to be one?”

Aberforth took a swallow of ale. “There is, though. I see it in yer eye.” Continue reading

May Drabble #14: “Youthful Lesson Remembered” — an Aberforth Dumbledore Drabble

Angora Goat AvatarHere’s a one-hundred word drabble for Aberforth. It’s set in the Hog’s Head sometime during the seventies.

“Youthful Lesson Remembered”

by MMADfan

“Yer better off.”

Surprised, the wizards at the bar looked up. Abe wasn’t a chatty barman, and his vehemence was strong and bitter. Continue reading

May Drabble #7: “Seeing the Obvious” — A Sybill Trelawney Drabble

Crystal BallHere’s one-hundred words for Sybill. This one is Sybill alone with her tea leaves.

“Seeing the Obvious”

by MMADfan

Sybill sipped her tea. She’d been certain Dumbledore wasn’t going hire her, despite what the cards had declared the day before, then lo and behold! He was offering to get her a drink and assuring her the job was hers. Continue reading