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A “New” RaMverse one-shot: “A Spree with Albus”

Hi, all!

I have uploaded a “new” RaMverse one-shot here to my WordPress blog. I say that it’s “new” because it’s an out-take from Resolving a Misunderstanding, rather than an entirely new fic. If you’re reading A Long Vernal Season (which was just updated on Friday), you may want to read this little one-shot. (If you haven’t read RaM and are planning to, but have read Death’s Dominion and A Long Vernal Season, don’t worry about any RaM spoilers, since there are no spoilers in the out-take that you haven’t encountered already in the other fics.)

Since this is an out-take of Resolving a Misunderstanding, I’m not posting it to TPP — it’s being posted this way as a convenience for readers, particularly any who are reading A Long Vernal Season, who only want to read or reread the duel without having to hunt for it, etc.

A Spree with Albus banner

“A Spree with Albus”

Setting: Hogwarts, 24 August 1957.
Malcolm McGonagall, Minerva’s oldest brother, is a candidate for the Defence Against the Dark Arts position, and he has a little “practical interview” with Albus Dumbledore before taking the job. Part of the interview includes an encounter with a dragon and a duel in front of a crowd of spectators. Part of the Resolving a Misunderstanding universe of fics.
Not DH-compliant.

Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, Rubeus Hagrid, Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank, Professor Kettleburn, Malcolm McGonagall, Gertrude Gamp, Johannes Birnbaum, Siofre Tyree, Blampa
Genres: Drama, Humor, Action
Rating: T

After you read this, you may want to see what Malcolm and Gertrude get up to after the duel in “An Unexpected Shower.”