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In love with the catchy contagion of memes?

Memes, musical notes, image from the Smithsonian Magazine, a bit of Beethoven

A Meme

Does the notion of viral ideas excite you? Have you been infected by one? Do you propagate memes? Have you ever danced the macarena or forwarded a ticklish penguin video to a friend?

If you find memes fascinating, take a look at this article in the online Smithsonian magazine: “What Defines a Meme?”

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Poetry Meme

Hypnobarb’s poetry meme was the first I noticed, but I’ve seen a few since, so I thought I’d go ahead and meme with everyone!

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Books We Read Redux

I initially snagged this list and instructions from a friend’s LJ (esoterica) and added to it. It was kind of a fun exercise. *Originally posted 02-Oct-2008. Updated 30-Jan-2010*

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