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Who else (doing NaNo) grinned when . . .

. . . they received the pep talk email from Mercedes Lackey?

I did! (If you aren’t doing NaNoWriMo, I’m pretty sure you can find the pep talks on the NaNo website, and hers could be fun to skim through.)

*ETA* Okay, stopped being lazy (!) and found the link to Mercedes Lackey’s pep talk, so you can go straight there without hunting for it.

NaNoWriMo: Semi-Hiatus for my Fanfics

I’ve decided that the month of November, I’ll be devoting most (if not all) of my writing time to NaNoWriMo. This will not only give me a block of well-defined time to work on my own original writing, rather than derivative fanfic, but it will also help me to decide what to do with the fanfiction that I have currently in progress.

I’ll no doubt finish Charming the Scottish Garden, and likely upload it all eventually, as well, since I’m enjoying the characters and the slowly developing romance in it. Draco’s Heart will likely also be finished and uploaded, though, because it’s practically finished already, and even though it’s not a fic close to my heart as Charming the Scottish Garden or A Long Vernal Season are, it’s a pretty straightforward fic to write: short and fast-moving, with a clear, pretty much single-note plot with only a few undercurrents to it.

A Long Vernal Season, on the other hand, is one I’m very fond of and enjoy writing, but it is complicated and the characters have a lot of depth to them. Continue reading