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Rare Pairs Poll Results Available

HP Rare Pairs PollInterested in which Harry Potter fanfiction pairs your fellow fanfic readers perceive as rare and which as common? The results of the poll are in!

I’ve embedded the results in a new page and sorted them various ways for you. Continue reading

One more day for the Rare Pairs Poll

Hogwarts crestIf you’re interested in taking the Harry Potter Fanfiction Rare Pairs poll, it will be open for one more day, closing at the end of the 4th of July 2011, EST. Continue reading

Uncommon ships

HP Rare Pairs

Unusual or Uncommon Pairings in HP Fanfiction

Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix promo poster -- Harry, Hermione, Ron and VoldemortWe all have our own particular taste in fanfic, but some character pairings are more popular than others, even some that run counter to canon. In fact, just because a ’ship is canon doesn’t mean it’s often seen in fanfiction. Continue reading