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“Resolving a Misunderstanding” Anniversary

Resolving a MisunderstandingI began writing and posting Resolving a Misunderstanding to an ADMM (Albus Dumbledore/Minerva McGonagall) forum and to fanfiction.net back in mid-February 2012, and after a reviewer encouraged me to post to the Petulant Poetess, I began to polish up the story and to post it to that archive later that month, and then to Sycophant Hex – Lumos, as well.

Resolving a Misunderstanding was my first HP fanfic, and it became the basis for eighteen other fics begun between then and now—most of them completed.

An Archive of Our Own LogoSemi-coincidentally, I’ve begun archiving Resolving a Misunderstanding to An Archive of Our Own this month, six years after I began writing it, and four and a half years after I posted the epilogue to the Petulant Poetess and the Sycophant Hex – Lumos archives. Continue reading

And yet more changes to the blog . . .

I liked the blue background of the previous theme, but I didn’t like the way it handled the blog’s pages*, making the links to them tabs along the top of the entry. This one does a nice clean job of listing them across the top of the page, and it’s still neat and easy to read. I hope you find it pleasing!

I also have created more pages and subpages, Continue reading

Chronology for Resolving a Misunderstanding


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