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What Happened When in the RaMverse, 1935 – 1998

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What Happened When in the RaMverse

Here’s a new doc with a RaMverse chronology from 1935 through 1998, containing a lot of the major events in the RaMverse and a few “real world” events for context. Just click the link above and download the doc. Events key to fics from Resolving a Misunderstanding through A Long Vernal Season.

Warning: There are some spoilers for the stories, particularly Death’s Dominion, if you haven’t read them yet.

If you don’t want to or cannot download the doc, the contents are replicated below. (It’s not very pretty in the post, I’m afraid! But the information is all there.)

Errata corrected, 14 December 2009. (That’s what happens when you work on more than one computer and you don’t synchronize your docs!)

For years prior to 1935, see the blog entry, “Chronology for Resolving a Misunderstanding,” which covers the years from 1840 through 1957.

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RaMverse Fics Recommended Reading Order

For an up-to-date, easy-to-read version of this post, go to the page Resolving a Misunderstanding Universe Stories.”

The Resolving a Misunderstanding Universe Fics

With the number of fics in the Resolving a Misunderstanding universe (“RaMverse”) growing, here’s a “reading order” list that might help you sort through which ones to read first or to find those you haven’t read yet.

Naturally, anyone can read the fics in any order they like, and skip things and come back to them later if they want, but some people like to read things in their natural order and like to avoid spoilers for earlier stories.

The RaMverse fics can be divided into three sets. The second and third sets can easily be read without having read the primary set first, however. Continue reading