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Updated List & Links Page

I have updated the page with the list and links to all my fics on various sites. I hadn’t touched it since late 2013, so it’s nice to have that done. I will update the various sub-lists (the topical ones) soon, as well.

Look for a new chapter of A Long Vernal Season soon! If you can’t remember the last few chapters and where Severus and Poppy are, no worries — I reread the last several chapters recently myself to get back into the groove of the story.

A Long Vernal Season

‘He Calls My Name’ posted to ffnet

For those of you who prefer to read on fanfiction.net, I have posted “He Calls My Name” there today.

He Calls My Name on ffnet.

I will post “Discovery,” a young Minerva story, to ffnet soon. (It’s already available on AO3 and TPP.)

He Calls My Name on AO3
He Calls My Name on TPP

New Story Posted: “He Calls My Name”


I had a great time participating in the Christmas 2015 Hoggywarty party — though I still haven’t finished reviewing the fics I’ve read! There are so many good ones this year.

I’ve posted the fic I wrote as a gift to dueltastic both to AO3 and to TPP, and it’s available, of course, at the Hoggywarty site as well.

This story as well as “Discovery” will also eventually be posted to ffnet.

He Calls My Name (on An Archive of Our Own)

Summary: One cold winter night, she hears him call her name.

Rated PG (rating may rise to R on TPP if I begin getting spam in the comments)
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, others
Warnings: none
Genre: Romance, Friendship

Also available on the Petulant Poetess.


I just learned of a new-to-me primarily Snape-centric community, One Bad Man. The comm does occasionally highlight another Bad Man (such as Lucius Malfoy), but Snape’s the main focus. I learned about them after kellychambliss kindly rec’d my Snape & … Continue reading

“Not Entirely Tedious” Severus & Minerva friendship fic posted to the Petulant Poetess & elsewhere

I managed to get  “Not Entirely Tedious” posted to the Petulant Poetess yesterday.

Characters: Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall, with appearances by Albus Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, and Pomona Sprout.


Summary: Young Professor Severus Snape shows up for a meeting, but the only other person there is the Deputy Headmistress. He wants to leave and return later, after the other participants will have arrived, but Professor McGonagall explains why that is impossible. Cross about having his plans for the day disrupted for a meeting that’s not taking place, Snape resents having to spend the afternoon with McGonagall. She doesn’t seem very pleased, either, but is content to relax and wait. Snape isn’t so patient, and soon manages to annoy his companion. Written for the HP Friendship Fic Fest 2013.

Canon-compliant, more-or-less, with the books. Not Pottermore compliant. Presumes an older McGonagall, born c. 1924, and a contemporary of Riddle. (Prompt at the end of the story.)

Rated M on TPP to avoid the anonymous spamming troll who trailed around my fics on TPP until I raised the ratings, requiring log-in for reviews. Content T.

“Not Entirely Tedious” on TPP

“Not Entirely Tedious” on AO3 (recommended site; guests may read & comment)

“Not Entirely Tedious” on my blog