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“Not Entirely Tedious” now posted to blog & AO3

“Not Entirely Tedious” is now available both here on my blog and on An Archive of Our Own.

“Not Entirely Tedious”

Summary: Young Professor Severus Snape shows up for a meeting, but the only other person there is the Deputy Headmistress. He wants to leave and return later, after the other participants will have arrived, but Professor McGonagall explains why that is impossible. Cross about having his plans for the day disrupted for a meeting that’s not taking place, Snape resents having to spend the afternoon with McGonagall. She doesn’t seem very pleased, either, but is content to relax and wait. Snape isn’t so patient, and soon manages to annoy his companion.
Characters: Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall, with appearances by Albus Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, and Pomona Sprout.
Rated T/PG-13

Notes: Canon-compliant, more-or-less, with the books. Not Pottermore compliant. Presumes an older McGonagall, born c. 1924, and a contemporary of Riddle.

“Not Entirely Tedious” on An Archive of Our Own.

New Chapter of Long Vernal Season: “From the Primrose Cottage to the Shell Folly”

New Chapter posted to A Long Vernal Season on both An Archive of Our Own and the Petulant Poetess.

A Long Vernal Season

Severus and Poppy find a peaceful haven in Chapter 117: “From the Primrose Cottage to the Shell Folly.”

A Long Vernal Season on the Petulant Poetess.

The Petulant Poetess has an on-going “Author Spotlight” feature this summer on their LJ. This week, they posted one with me.

Also of interest this week, the HP Friendship Fic Fest began posting. Here’s the week’s catch-up post. I thought that “Take to the Heather” was particularly well done. Take a look and see if any catch your fancy!

“A Long Vernal Season” on An Archive of Our Own

A Long Vernal Season

I have completed posting A Long Vernal Season to An Archive of Our Own through Chapter 116: The Tyree Estate, which makes it caught up with the story as it’s posted to the Petulant Poetess.

Chapter 117 is complete and will be posted once it’s formatted, both to AO3 and to TPP.

HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards

ADMM in Resolving a Misunderstanding - links to folder locationMany thanks to everyone who voted for my fics, Resolving a Misunderstanding and Death’s Dominion, in the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards. Thanks to you, Resolving a Misunderstanding reached the top spot in the Fan Poll for the Legacy Minerva McGonagall Death's Dominion thumbnailstory, and Death’s Dominion was in first in the Legacy Gen Fic category. I’m completely bowled over! Continue reading

“A Long Vernal Season” on An Archive of Our Own

I’ve been steadily publishing A Long Vernal Season to An Archive of Our Own, and it’s posted through Part Eight (Chapter Eighty-Eight: Back to Brewing).

A Long Vernal Season, a Snape-centric postwar fic

Primary Characters:  Severus Snape, Poppy Pomfrey, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, Filius Flitwick, and Gareth McGonagall Continue reading