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HP Friendship Fest

I submitted a few prompts for the HP Friendship Fest, and one of them was selected by an author. The result was posted today over on the HP Friendship LJ community: “Sybill Trelawney and the Unexpected Gift.”

Here’s the prompt for it:

After being sacked, Sybill turns to drink again. Minerva intervenes. Can be either a hopeful fic or more ambiguous.

And here’s the author’s summary:

Sybill Trelawney learns to live with her Inner Eye, cooking sherry, and Minerva McGonagall, in that order.

The author made very good use of the prompt, and did an excellent job of weaving canon scenes seamlessly into the fic. I thought it was a really touching look at Sybill, and also at Minerva.

I look forward to the reveal and learning who the author was.

May Drabble #10: “Sybill at Her Battlements”

Crystal BallOne hundred words for Sybill’s final drabble. I hope you enjoyed these little slices of Sybill’s life!

“Sybill at Her Battlements”

by MMADfan

Sybill waved her wand and lined up another row of crystal balls. She still had a few dozen more on her shelves. Bringing to her mind the Dark Mark, Sybil aimed a fresh barrage Continue reading

May Drabble #9: “Fortifying Sybill”

Yes, only at Drabble #9, and I’d wanted to do twenty. Life does somehow manage to get in the way, however, even of drabbling sometimes! I’m still aiming at twenty for the month, though!

Crystal BallHere’s another visit with Sybill, this one in two hundred words. It takes place during The Order of the Phoenix.

“Fortifying Sybill”

by MMADfan

Sybill shivered, wishing for a drink. If wishes were broomsticks, beggars would ride, her grandmother used to say. In her case, beggars would drink. But she’d finished her last glass an hour ago, and Minerva Continue reading

May Drabble #8: “Just the Cheese Before Bed” — A Sybill Trelawney drabble

Crystal BallThis one’s a double drabble for Sybill. Rated T-ish.

“Just the Cheese Before Bed”

by MMADfan

Sybill started awake, groping for her wand and glasses, but by the time she’d lit her lamp and found her parchment and quill, which fell, splattering ink everywhere, her dream had evaporated, leaving only vague feelings of horror, and the word “homunculus.” Continue reading

May Drabble #7: “Seeing the Obvious” — A Sybill Trelawney Drabble

Crystal BallHere’s one-hundred words for Sybill. This one is Sybill alone with her tea leaves.

“Seeing the Obvious”

by MMADfan

Sybill sipped her tea. She’d been certain Dumbledore wasn’t going hire her, despite what the cards had declared the day before, then lo and behold! He was offering to get her a drink and assuring her the job was hers. Continue reading