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Hysterically funny: Voice Recognition & Scottish Accents

A friend of mine (Squibstress) shared this recently, and I’m passing it on. It’s so funny, it’s got to be good medicine for just about anything.

From “Burnistoun”



New Doctor Who video news recs

MattSmithBBC18032013Matt Smith on ‘vast and epic’ new Doctor Who

Check out this new BBC article and video interview with Matt Smith, with clips from the upcoming new episodes.

There’s another one on the  Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, too, also new today.


“Oi! Ernie! Look at all them Muggles queuein’ up! Must be something big!” BBC News – Fans queue to see the final Harry Potter film. Did you queue? Choose not to queue? If you saw the movie, what did you … Continue reading


Here’s a little video from the BBC looking back on the Harry Potter movie franchise: BBC News – The end of the road for Harry Potter.

JKR’s Video Statement

Here is Rowling’s official video announcement, uploaded to YouTube (unlisted) & posted to her Pottermore site, in case you haven’t gone over there to see it: