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New: Fanfic Recommendations Page

bearded man reading in the study

I have occasionally made fanfic recommendations on my blog. Now, rather than having to search through myriad posts tagged “fanfic recommendation” and skim through the blather to find the recommendations: Continue reading

Rare Pairs Poll Results Available

HP Rare Pairs PollInterested in which Harry Potter fanfiction pairs your fellow fanfic readers perceive as rare and which as common? The results of the poll are in!

I’ve embedded the results in a new page and sorted them various ways for you. Continue reading

New Page: Favorite Links

Some good sites, not HP-related

I’ve consolidated many of my favorite links onto one page, rather than having them in sidebar widgets, leaving just the “more relevant” links widgets in the sidebars (i.e., HP fanfic resources, Myth, Lit, & Legend sites, and other “MMADfan” pages on the web).

Now if you’d like to see the music, entertainment, and useful/informative site links, take a look at the “Good Links” page. I’ve stuck a widget into a sidebar with a link to the page. Continue reading