Fanfic Resources

Some Harry Potter Fanfic Resources

  • An Archive of Our Own (AO3)
    A fan-created, fan-run archive for fanfiction in just about any fandom. This link leads you to the Harry Potter fandom archive. Inventive and practical use of a tagging system makes this archive different from most — click on a tag in a story’s description, and you’re led to a new list of fics with that same tag. Tags are author-generated and site “wrangled,” so very flexible. For more info, go to AO3’s Home.
  • Close Contrast: Severus and Minerva Master List of Links
    List of links of Severus and Minerva fics. Lots of friendship fics, some romance, some gen. From Alcina, the Winterwitch. Easy-to-use site. Highly recommended!
  • Crack Broom: A Harry Potter fanfic rec community
    Eclectic mix of ’ships with truly diverse fanfic recommendations.
  • Ensnaring Snape
    An LJ community centered around pairing Severus Snape with a female of your choice, except Hermione.
  • Harry Potter Fanfiction Recs
    A blog with a lot of HP fanfic recs of different sorts. Not maintained, but still has a lot of good recs.
  • HP on
    Unmoderated archive of HP stories on
  • Love Draughts
    A Hermione Granger/Severus Snape centric LJ community, accepting fiction and art updates, meta posts, recommendations and the opportunity for members to post searches for things they cannot find.
  • Mrs Muggle’s Potterwords
    Well-organized lists of canon words from the HP universe. Good resource especially for fanfic writers.
  • One Bad Man
    An LJ community devoted primarily to Snape fic, but also with a smattering of Lucius or another “bad man”; lots of excellent recs of many lengths and from several different sites.
  • Our Mirror of Erised
    Small Yahoo Group devoted to AU HP fics and rare pairs. Contains downloadable fics, fic recs, loads of links, and friendly folks! (Because some of the downloadable fics are rated M or MA, it is an adult group, but all friendly adult fans of AU and rare pair fics are welcome!)
  • Pottermore
    The official Pottermore website from J.K. Rowling. “Pottermore is a free website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books.”
  • Pottermore Insider
    The official Pottermore news site.
  • Professors ADMM Facebook Group
    A group for fans of Albus Dumbledore & Minerva McGonagall and the ADMM ’ship.
  • Squibstress
    “Sleep. Eat. Write. Repeat.” Author Squibstress’s beautiful HP fanfiction blog with links and descriptions to her own fic, plus a great page of fanfic recommendations.
  • Squibstress Fic on Feedbooks
  • SSHG Quiz
    Weekly quiz on SSHG fanfic. Have some fun! A nice way to find some SSHG you haven’t read yet, too!
  • Sycophant Hex Lumos (links to other SH archives on the homepage)
    A General, Moderated HP Fanfic Archive; Sychophant Hex also hosts an SSHG archive, Ashwinder, and a Snape-centric archive, Occlumency, as well as an archive focussed on slash fics, called Eros & Sappho.
  • The Petulant Poetess
    A General, Moderated HP Fanfic Archive.
  • Fanfic Recommendations
    Recommendations culled from my blog. Variety of genres and authors.
  • MMADfan Fanfics by Type
    My fanfics organized by genre, main character, ’ship, rating, length, etc.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, nor is it necessarily all of the “best” sites. They’re just ones that you may find interesting, enjoyable, or useful!

Have suggestions? Feel free to add a comment below.

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