Chronology for Resolving a Misunderstanding


For the chronology after 1957,
see the Resolving a Misunderstanding Universe Chronology,
What Happened When, 1935 – 1998.

(From Resolving a Misunderstanding through A Long Vernal Season, major events key to the later RaMverse fics.)

Chronology by Year
1840 – 1957

(contains minor spoilers!)

1840: Albus’s birth, 1 August
1843: Crispinian Egidius and Gwynllian Parnovon, Egeria’s parents, born
1844: Collum McGonagall, Merwyn’s father, born
1845: Siofra Tyree, Merwyn’s mother, born
1849: Percival Dumbledore vanishes mysteriously
1858: Albus takes NEWTs, marries Dervilia
1859: Dervilia becomes pregnant
1860: Dervilia dies; Albus leaves Britain
1863: Albus meets Flamels
1865: Albus returns home, cares for his mother, his mother dies; Albus leaves Britain for the Continent
1866: Albus meets some Roma, travels with them some months; meets Nyima
1868: Albus returns to Flamels
1869: Merwyn McGonagall born
1870: Albus returns to Britain, obtains new wand
1871: Collum McGonagall dies
1875: Egeria Egidius born
1887: Reginald Crouch born
1897: Gertrude Gamp born
1907: Merwyn & Egeria marry; Malcolm McGonagall born
1910: Morgan McGonagall born
1913: Murdoch McGonagall born
1916: Cormac Quinlivan MacAirt born
1917: Gertrude & Reginald marry
1919: Robert Crouch born; Aileen Gamp born
1922: Gertrude & Reginald move to Berlin
1924: Minerva born, 4 October
1925: Malcolm leaves Hogwarts after NEWTs
1929: Morgan leaves Hogwarts after NEWTs
1931: Murdoch leaves Hogwarts after NEWTs
1935: Reginald Crouch murdered
1936: Minerva starts at Hogwarts; Melina McGonagall born
1937: Albus begins teaching at Hogwarts
1938: Poppy enters Hogwarts; Gertrude begins teaching at Hogwarts
1939: Hagrid enters Hogwarts
1940: Churchill becomes PM, 10 May; London Blitz begins, 7 September; chapters “Spero et Expecto” and “Chez Albus” of RaM
1942: Chamber of Secrets opened; Hagrid expelled
1945: Minerva rescues Albus, 5 January; Albus defeats Grindelwald, March
1948: Minerva’s Challenge, March; Minerva begins second apprenticeship, October
1949: Minerva attains Mastery, late September; joins Ministry’s Special Committee on Experimental Transfiguration, November
1955: Albus becomes Headmaster with death of Armando Dippet
1956: Minerva becomes Hogwarts Transfiguration teacher, December
1957: Minerva complains to Poppy about Albus’s treatment of her, 4 July


Key Dates in July – September 1957
(contains significant spoilers!)

JULY 1957

Thursday, 4 July: Minerva complains about Albus to Poppy; Albus arranges to have Minerva join him for dinner and apologises to her.

Friday, 5 July: Minerva and Albus have breakfast together; Minerva receives Gertie’s invitation to the Gamps.

Monday, 8 July: Minerva arrives at the Gamps; she learns that Gertie had been married & that Albus had been seeing Valerianna Yaxley a few years ago; she makes the acquaintance of Gertie’s nephew-by-marriage, Cormac Quinlivan MacAirt, and of Valerianna Yaxley, who are also guests of the Gamps.

Tuesday, 9 July: Minerva meets Robert Crouch, Gertrude’s son; Quin performs a divination for Minerva.

Wednesday, 10 July: Minerva and Quin attend the engagement party together.

Thursday, 11 July: Minerva returns to Hogwarts, then visits Poppy and learns about the conspiracy of witches, led by Gertrude, a few years before; Minerva leaves for her parents’ home.

Friday, 12 July: Albus visits the McGonagalls.

Saturday, 13 July: Albus receives an owl from St. Mungo’s telling him that Pretnick was bitten by a werewolf.

Monday, 15 July : Minerva goes on a “date” with Filius Flitwick, set up by Albus, but neither party is aware that it is supposed to be a date.

Saturday, 20 July: Albus and Minerva go on a picnic breakfast, then Albus helps Melina with her Muggle boyfriend, Brennan; that evening, Albus and Minerva go to dinner and a concert.

Sunday, 21 July:
Minerva learns that her wand and Albus’s are “mated.”

Monday, 22 July: Minerva has a bad day, then inadvertently is hurtful to Gertie. She later has drinks with Gertie, Johannes, and Hafrena MacAirt.

Tuesday, 23 July: Philomena Yaxley meets “Morag the Cat,” then Minerva and other members of the staff visit Jeremiah the Jarvey; Minerva has dinner with Quin at the Three Broomsticks, and ends her day with a chess game with Albus.

Wednesday, 24 July: Minerva leaves for her family home; before she leaves, she sees a shaved and shorn Albus; at her reaction, Albus removes the strong Glamour and returns to his normal bearded, long-haired self. She learns more about mated wands and reads some stories about witches and wizards who have held mated wands.

Thursday, 25 July: Minerva reads correspondence from Albus that he sent to her parents following her magical accident during her sixth year. Her mother explains  the nature of a magical drain and the love that is required to staunch it instinctively.

Saturday, 27 July: Minerva and Melina search for the perfect flat. Quin shows them two places he has for rent, and then invites Minerva for lunch at his home in London. Minerva confides in Quin and they shop for a birthday present for Albus.

Sunday, 28 July: Minerva has Gertrude and other guests for tea. Poppy expresses interest in Murdoch. Malcolm is his usual peculiar but entertaining self.

Wednesday, 31 July: Minerva returns to Hogwarts.


Thursday, 1 August: Albus’s birthday; Minerva moves into Gryffindor Tower.

Friday, 2 August: Ward renewal.

Saturday, 3 August: Quin’s tour; Albus invites Minerva for dinner, and it’s a late night as he tells her some of his past.

Sunday, 4 August: Albus continues his story into the early hours of the morning; the next day, the two reflect on it. That afternoon, Albus and Minerva receive word that Professor Pretnick is dead.

Monday, 5 August: Albus and Minerva visit Professor Pretnick’s family.

Tuesday, 6 August: Professor Pretnick’s informal, private memorial service at Hogwarts.

Wednesday, 7 August: Minerva resumes her holiday.

Saturday, 10 August: Minerva returns to Hogwarts, but Albus is not there.

Monday, 12 August: Malcolm brings Hagrid a new puppy, Caesar; Albus returns unexpectedly; Minerva has dinner with Quin.

Tuesday, 13 August: Minerva returns to Hogwarts in the morning and encounters Albus.

Wednesday – Thursday, 14 – 15 August: Minerva leaves Hogwarts, distressed, and spends a few days with Quin; Albus is disconsolate. Wilspy returns and takes him in hand, making him eat.

Friday, 16 August:
Quin confronts Albus on Friday evening, and Albus writes Minerva a letter, enclosing a poem he wrote a few weeks before, expressing his feelings. Wilspy sends the letter using Fawkes, and Minerva immediately goes to see Albus. They clear up the great misunderstanding that they each had.

Saturday, 17 August: Minerva and Albus spend the morning together, then Minerva goes into Hogsmeade and has tea with Quin. She returns to Hogwarts and finds that Albus has arranged a surprise for her. He brings her to a concert and then to dinner.

Sunday, 18 August: Albus and Minerva have breakfast and spend the morning together. He has planned another surprise for her in the evening. Minerva gets him to tell her about Valerianna and reassures him of his attractiveness to her.

Monday, 19 August: Minerva and Albus play a game of chess; Malcolm goes to observe the Nocturnal Dancing Umbratrope.

Tuesday, 20 August: Malcolm and Minerva talk about her relationship with Albus. Albus tells Minerva that she had an “interesting idea” earlier in the summer, and they act on it. 😉  Minerva wins her first chess game with Albus.

Wednesday, 21 August: Minerva and Malcolm practise; Malcolm and Albus have lunch; Albus and Minerva go to the McGonagall Cliffs.

Thursday, 22 August: Minerva entices Albus in his back stairwell.

Friday, 23 August: Melina and Brennan marry. Albus brings Minerva on a picnic.

Saturday, 24 August: Albus gives Malcolm a “practical” interview. Malcolm Apparates-by-Broom, rides a dragon, breaks a curse, and duels Albus. Albus uses a trick on Malcolm at the end of the duel; he congratulates him as the next instructor in Defence against the Dark Arts. Later that day, Albus and Minerva hear the Silent Knight’s tale, then Albus introduces Minerva to the wards in the final act in her installation as Head of Gryffindor.

Sunday, 25 August – Wednesday, 28 August: Albus and Minerva take a short holiday before the beginning of the school year (see “A Holiday with the Headmaster”), returning on Wednesday for an afternoon staff meeting.

Friday, 30 August: Siofre’s husband Herbert McKenna dies in the early morning; there is a Hogwarts annual staff party in the evening.


Sunday, 1 September: Minerva, Malcolm, and Albus attend Herbert’s funeral in the morning; Minerva gives Siofre the gift from Johannes. The students are Sorted; Alroy lands in Gryffindor.

Monday, 2 September: The first day of classes, and the students have a clear reaction to their new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. Albus tells Minerva what he has learned about the Silent Knight’s story, and they have a conversation with the Knight.

Friday, 6 September: The first week of classes draws to an end. Albus has a surprise for Minerva.


Friday, 4 October: Minerva’s thirty-third birthday. Albus has several surprises for her. (Epilogue)

On to the Resolving a Misunderstanding Universe Chronology, 1935 – 1998 >>
(From Resolving a Misunderstanding through A Long Vernal Season, major events key to the RaMverse.)

Stories in the RaM Universe
In Chronological Order

“The Unsentimental Arithmancer”: 1917
Resolving a Misunderstanding: July – September 1957; 1849 – 1957
“An Unexpected Shower”: August 1957
“A Holiday with the Headmaster”: August 1957
“Obliging Minerva”: October 1957
“Invisible Lover”: Easter week 1958
Charming the Scottish Garden: 1959
“Now is Perfect”: October 1959 – December 1960
“Cheering Charms”: June 1958 – 1960s (ficlet series)
“A Christmas for Aberforth”: 1964
“The Cornish Pixie Prank”: Spring 1973
“The Sunshine of Kindness”: July 1995
An Act of Love: September 1996
Death’s Dominion: October 1996 – July 1998
“Enter, Peacetime”: May 1998
A Long Vernal Season: August 1998 – July 1999
“The Sorting of Suzie Sefton”: August/September 1998
Draco’s Heart: Spring 1999


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