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New: Fanfic Recommendations Page

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I have occasionally made fanfic recommendations on my blog. Now, rather than having to search through myriad posts tagged “fanfic recommendation” and skim through the blather to find the recommendations: Continue reading

PlaidPooka is Back

PlaidPooka & The Price of Madness

I was excited to see that PlaidPooka is back after a bit of a hiatus (four years, actually), and she is updating her fabulous fic, The Price of Madness again. If you’ve not read The Price of Madness and you enjoy HP fanfiction, please give it a read. She has wonderful dialogue and an inventive mind that produced an intriguing “Book 7” alternative path. The publication of that “other Book 7” played havoc with Pooka’s Muse, apparently, but she’s back. The Price of Madness is very nearly finished, so you’ll have a really good read ahead of you! Enjoy! Continue reading

Do you know your SSHG fics?

Death’s Dominion in the SSHG Quiz!

Death's Dominion by MMADfan - large iconThe SSHG Quiz, which has been around for ages, has a new quiz up for this week, and Death’s Dominion has been included in the mix for the “Epic” SSHG fics. Continue reading

ADMM new fic rec

ADMM & SSHG Fic Recs

I don’t read as much fanfic as I used to, but I recently read and enjoyed a couple one-shots that I thought I’d pass along.

If you enjoy your ADMM fluffy with a bit of humor, check out Hogwarts Duo’s latest, “A Camping Adventure,” over on fanfiction.net. It’s rated T.

For a little humorous SSHG story with a good dose of Crookshanks and some Animagus troubles, try “Explorations” by Mint Stick. It’s on the Petulant Poetess.

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