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Completed Works on An Archive of Our Own: “Resolving a Misunderstanding” and “A Holiday with the Headmaster”

Resolving a Misunderstanding banner for ADMM ficResolving a Misunderstanding is now completely uploaded to An Archive of Our Own, as is A Holiday with the Headmaster, a story that takes place towards the end of Resolving a Misunderstanding.

For descriptions of these fics, see the listing of all my stories here, or see the full table of contents with chapter summaries for Resolving a Misunderstanding, or the table of contents for A Holiday with the Headmaster.  For more information about the “RaMverse” in general, take a look at the Compendium of Information.

A Holiday with the Headmaster bannerWith the final update to Resolving a Misunderstanding, all of my completed stories are now available on An Archive of Our Own, including the first novella in the “Stray” series, which is being posted as a single, chaptered fic on the Petulant Poetess.

I am considering beginning to upload my works-in-progress, likely beginning with Charming the Scottish Garden. However, since I want to make more progress on my works-in-progress, I am not going to do that for a while yet.

My hands are beginning to get better, and I can now type for more than a few paragraphs at a time without pain, so I’m hopeful that the next update of A Long Vernal Season will be forthcoming in the next week or so!

More Potter

Pottermore, J.K. Rowling’s New “Collaborative” Website

First Impressions

J.K. Rowling - Borders booksJKR held a widely anticipated press conference and video release to announce the creation of a new official Harry Potter universe website. Described by the Guardian as a “give back” to her fans, the site is touted as being a collaborative venture with fans. Continue reading

Do you know your SSHG fics?

Death’s Dominion in the SSHG Quiz!

Death's Dominion by MMADfan - large iconThe SSHG Quiz, which has been around for ages, has a new quiz up for this week, and Death’s Dominion has been included in the mix for the “Epic” SSHG fics. Continue reading

Persian Shield from “A Garden Tour” of CSG

Persian Shield

One of the plants that Lachina Tyree sees, and then remarks upon, in Chapter Twenty-Seven, “A Garden Tour,” of Charming the Scottish Garden, was the Persian Shield. This is the Strobilanthes dyerianus, a tropical plant which genuinely does have beautiful wide, shiny purple stripes in its leaves.

There’s also a description of the Persian Shield on Wikipedia, and another photo.

Long Vernal Season ToC Updated

I updated the Table of Contents for A Long Vernal Season today and gave it its own page, just like RaM & DD have. 😉

The previous post with the draft ToC will no longer be updated.