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What is Harry Potter “canon”?

The Pottermore conundrum for fanfic writers.

PottermoreNow that details are being revealed from the new Pottermore site and the new info that JKR is making available there, all kinds of previously held canon facts are being thrown into question. For example, Minerva McGonagall was always estimated as having been born in 1924 or 1925, and that she began teaching at Hogwarts in her early thirties. (This was based on a statement Rowling made in an early Scholastic.com interview, in which she said that McGonagall was a “sprightly 70,” presumably in the then-current book, Goblet of Fire, which took place in 1994-95. Subtract 70 from 1994 and you get 1924, and since her birthday is in October, Minerva would have been 70 for most of the 1994-95 school year if she were born in October 1924.)

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Harry Potter and the Linguistic Innovator | OxfordWords blog

Quidditch Horcrux Splinch Muggle Portkey Bowtruckle MudbloodOf Rowling’s Potterverse Vocabulary

and character naming in canon and in fanfiction

I want to share this interesting article from the OxfordWords blog about JKR’s use of language in Harry Potter. The author, Adam Pulford, discusses everything from Rowling’s use of “real” mythological beasts and creating her own, to her use of Latin for spells, to the creation of new terms using familiar English words (e.g., “Mudblood”), to the way she evokes a medieval and obscure world through use of words that are — or sound as if they should be — from an older variety of English.

One thing that I found particularly amusing and very true was a remark the author made regarding the different kinds of names Rowling chose for her characters. Pulford says: Continue reading


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