AAoL complete & available in pdf

An Act of Love by MMADfan

An Act of Love
is now available in pdf format at Potter Place in the files area.

*ETA: An Act of Love is no longer archived in pdf at Potter Place. I removed it in order to create more storage space at Potter Place after I archived all my pdfs over at Our Mirror of Erised.*

Now that An Act of Love is complete, take a look at its sequel, Death’s Dominion, which is being posted to The Petulant Poetess. The prologue (And the unicorn evils run them through) has been posted.

Death's Dominion Banner

Summary: Severus Snape’s life was changed when he was hit by an errant spell, and he comes to a decision that defies Dumbledore’s wishes. Even the fate of the wizarding world is altered by this one ill-cast curse and Snape’s subsequent resolve. Long after the spell itself has dissipated, its effects continue echoing in the lives of Severus, Albus, Minerva, and Hermione, and they bring with them a shadowy figure whom Snape does not trust and whose motivations and influence on Minerva are murky. AU. Not HBP- or DH-compliant. A “DH-twister.”
Rating: T/M

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