BBC News – Hardtalk – David Hare: Writing ‘has now become my life’

BBC News – Hardtalk – David Hare: Writing ‘has now become my life’.

A bit of a twitterish post here, but I thought that anyone who writes might be interested in seeing this snippet of an interview with David Hare, the British playwright.

4 responses to “BBC News – Hardtalk – David Hare: Writing ‘has now become my life’

  1. That was really interesting, even when I didn’t know him at all (while I feel I ought to have known him).

    I especially noticed his remark that a large part of writing is being judged and if you can’t stand that, it’s not a good prospect.
    Made me think, as it is of course very true, but not something i would have considered as strongly, while I now think he is very right in that. Next to that it goes same for so much more in life and puts things a bit in perspective.

    • I think he’s one of those writers whose work is known though his name is not.

      I do think that most authors are sensitive to criticism, but it’s good to have something of a thicker skin or a bit of a shield against it. And you’re right, it’s the same for many other areas of life, too.

  2. I agree with Hare that handling criticism in the right spirit is an important part of being a writer. I’m not familiar with his work, so I’ll look him up. It’s always interesting to see the advice that established/published writers have for newcomers.

    Thank you for sharing the interview! 🙂

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